Month: January 2020

I’m a Thankful Mess

This girl, while I may appear all-together, there are just times, I am a mess. I’m confessing that because I heard the speaker at our church’s “mission” this week make that confession. He said that his in-laws get a little uncomfortable with all the crosses and crucifixes in their home. In fact they have one…

By Donna Wuerch January 31, 2020 Off

‘We Declare that Mothers are Heroes’

That was The Washington’s Post’s headline yesterday. Other comments from other news organizations said, “In a pivotal year in the legal battle over abortion, crowds estimated at over 100,000 of anti-abortion activists gathered in Washington, D.C., on Friday for the annual March for Life that featured President Donald Trump as the first sitting president to…

By Donna Wuerch January 25, 2020 Off