Month: March 2021

Hump Day or Holy Day?

When I was in the workplace on Wednesdays, we’d often hear someone say: “Yay! It’s hump day!” That’s because Wednesday is smack dab in the middle of a work week and the weekend is in sight! Whoohoo! But, imagine the countdown to the weekend that Jesus was thinking about. Wednesday meant one day closer to…

By Donna Wuerch March 31, 2021 Off

Words that Matter Most

Tuesday night was the season opener for my grandson’s baseball team. There have been plenty of pre-season games, but now we’re in the ones that matter most. Shawntel and I were present and ready to encourage with our positivity! I had on my Regent’s Knights team shirt and ready to cheer with the rest of…

By Donna Wuerch March 25, 2021 Off