Month: March 2020

Letting the Whole World Know

We are seizing so many opportunities to share good news via technology. We sure need that good news! Facebook and FB Live, YouTube videos, teleconferencing, Instagram and other forms of communicating hope-filled messaging. Before the internet and social media, many of us Jesus followers were quite reclusive. Our faith stayed at home. Jesus “talk” was…

By Donna Wuerch March 31, 2020 Off

God Has Our Attention

A big smile broke across my face when I saw someone post this: “God just got fed up with His kids not getting along, so He sent us all to our rooms.” And, that’s probably true, too! Here’s what I know about our God. He doesn’t cause disease, sickness, heartache and pain. He is our…

By Donna Wuerch March 25, 2020 Off