Month: February 2011

Teamwork — Hand in Hand – Side by Side

Many times in life, we find ourselves, hand-in-hand and side-by-side with others on similar faith journeys. Yesterday, Shannon, a precious friend, wife and mother of three young children passed from this life to heaven. I am compelled to share about her because she was such a part of our own Faith Journey. Several years ago,…

By Donna Wuerch February 13, 2011 Off

Breaker. Breaker. 1-9. Got Your Ears On??

“Breaker – Breaker 1-9” “Got a copy?” “How do you read me?” “Got your ears on?” That’s CB (Citizens Band – short distance radio) talk. Oh, yes, I was a CB-er in the 70’s and 80’s. My handle (name) was “Honeybee”! I’d say to a trucker on my CB, “You’ve got that one Honeybee. How’s…

By Donna Wuerch February 4, 2011 Off