Month: April 2021


I wasn’t a gal who liked surprises. I was the gal who prided herself in knowing what all my presents were under the Christmas tree. I did a good job of unwrapping and wrapping them back up again. I’m not proud about that conniving reveal about myself. On my 50th birthday, my precious and adoring…

By Donna Wuerch April 19, 2021 0

Being a Seeker & a Finder

Since moving to Austin, I have had plenty of seeking and finding adventures. I’ve been a prudent seeker as I’ve made my way around this very large city to find various locations of retailers, sports activities, restaurants, a car wash, the post office, and other places. And, I’m happy to say, I have been a…

By Donna Wuerch April 14, 2021 0

The Rewards of Simple Obedience

I read about a canine trainer, Tina Zimmerman, who serves wounded veterans and first responders by way of giving them fully trained, obedient dogs to assist them. The dogs learn discipline and obedience and truly become “man’s best friend”. I saw a video of Tina expressing the beautiful relationship between a loving handler and a…

By Donna Wuerch April 12, 2021 0