Month: May 2010

Our Great Roller Coaster Ride

I’ve always loved the thrill of the craziest, wild rides at amusement parks. Maybe that’s why becoming a private pilot was no big deal for me. So relating our faith journey to a roller coast makes perfect sense. For over 43 years, Ron and I have had ministry opportunities to many people — encouraging them…

By Donna Wuerch May 25, 2010 Off

What’s Your Family’s Medical History?

We’ve been seeing a lot of medical doctors, filling out a lot of medical forms, completing questionaires with questions like “Does your family have history of illness: heart disease? diabetes? cancer? etc.” And, as a matter of fact….there have been cases of those diseases in our family. In a little family discussion last night, we…

By Donna Wuerch May 6, 2010 Off

2nd Half of our Super Bowl — Game on!

Today, it felt like the “visiting” team (the opposition in our Super Bowl Game) was fierce, beyond our capability, bigger than life — as we received more medical opinions about strategies for moving forward on the quest for my Honey’s wholeness. Today’s physician told us he didn’t feel surgery to remove the kidney was option…

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