Month: February 2020

You Just Can’t Live Without It

We’re driving home from Bryson’s wall climbing sport. It’s his absolute love. He is making climbs that the adults have trouble with. I witnessed them trying, but, then again, this Nana is super-partial. I’m amazed by how skilled he is compared to the last time I was here. He’s telling me jokes. “Did you hear…

By Donna Wuerch February 23, 2020 Off

Only if Life was like a Hallmark Movie

I am STILL a Hallmark movie fan. Weekends, especially, you’ll often find me indulging in yet another Hallmark movie. Why, you may ask? So many reasons! They’re peaceful and calming. People are pleasant and kind. Their lives are focused on family, friends and doing good things. They’re wholesome and non-violent. The storylines revolve around love…

By Donna Wuerch February 20, 2020 Off