Month: October 2019

A Treat for 97 Years

This morning, I’ll be heading to Tulsa to celebrate Mom and her 97th Birthday! It’s truly a day of celebrating – not just a mother-in-law, but a dear friend, mentor, and mother. God brought this precious treat to us on October 31st, 1922. I’m sure He had a hand in her being named “Lydia” which…

By Donna Wuerch October 31, 2019 Off

Being One-Another Minded

I wasn’t in the “in-crowd” growing up. You know — the crowd where everyone knew each other — gathered together in their little groups, ate together, in clubs together, hung out together at recess. I was a shy child. I know that’s hard to believe. Instead of going to the outgoing kids, my mom coaxed…

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