Month: July 2021

Are You Flourishing?

Thoughts of our huge garden in Oklahoma was my blog inspiration for this day. We always had great anticipation for a bumper crop. Then reality set in. Cultivating the soil, which can be rocky, dry and, if by hand, can be a wearisome task. Then it was sowing the seeds, keeping a watch out for…

By Donna Wuerch July 26, 2021 Off

Taking One Day at a Time

My sister (more than the sis-in-law she really is) and I frequently have long “catch-up” telephone conversations. She is beyond being a “trooper”. I want to clarify that word “trooper”. She is exactly what the dictionary says she is. Other than being a soldier or police officer, it means “someone willing to participate in difficult…

By Donna Wuerch July 23, 2021 Off

Come, Follow Me

You may have heard the saying “Don’t just talk the talk — walk the walk!” Many put on their game faces when it comes to talking a good talk about how much they love God and even promise to live their lives as one of Christ’s followers. But when they’re face to face with intimidation…

By Donna Wuerch July 22, 2021 Off