Month: November 2021

There’s Just Something About “The First”

The first bicycle; the first dance, the first boyfriend, the first kiss, the first home, and the first child. Though the love is no stronger for any of my seven grandchildren from the other, there is still “just something” about the FIRST. Who knew that all those silly, photo-toting, beaming-from-ear-to-ear, incessantly jabbering about their grandkids…

By Donna Wuerch November 28, 2021 Off

Thanksgiving & Christmas – Together Hand in Hand

In big box stores, it’s been “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” for months now. They have touted us with their holiday wares since before Spring ended. On social media, I’ve seen many of my friends skipping right over Thanksgiving and their home is decked out in Christmas glory! A Washington State friend displayed…

By Donna Wuerch November 22, 2021 Off