Month: January 2011

RE-Membering is Part of the Journey

Re-membering: To recall to the mind; think of again; to retain in the memory; to remind; to recollect. It’s just past the two-month mark since my Honey graduated to heaven. We continually remember him. We talk about him, the “ways he did things”, his little quirks and his many abilities. Someone will tell us about…

By Donna Wuerch January 29, 2011 Off

No Pain…..No Gain!!

Having been a “Weight Watcher” for 24 years, I checked in this week for my monthly weigh-in. Never have I seen such a long line at Weight Watchers. Some were holding their new applications to get started, and others were like me, there for our accountability to a pact we made with ourselves – striving…

By Donna Wuerch January 5, 2011 Off