Month: May 2019

When it Comes to Fishing — Anything Goes

My grocery list in hand, items checked off, coupons pulled and I’m at check-out with a brimming grocery cart. Only two cashiers? Ugh! I patiently wait in line. All those unnerved folks waiting behind me must be thinking: “Great! There’s THAT lady who is going to take FOR-EVER with all those groceries! And to make…

By Donna Wuerch May 28, 2019 Off

Peace in the Storm

I was reviewing my daily FB “memories” yesterday and I ran across this post from eight years ago: “Sitting in my hall bathroom — no windows or outside walls, following the warnings of the newscasters — surrounded by blankets and pillows — waiting out the tornado warnings and thanking God that I’m sheltered in His…

By Donna Wuerch May 25, 2019 Off