Month: September 2019

I Pinky Promise

I love having those intimate, one-on-one times with my grands. Many times they are unfiltered and they say what they think……and they say what they shouldn’t think! I’ll see their eyes pleading with me “Nana, please don’t tell anyone I told you that!” And I reply with action “I won’t. Pinky promise!” The pinky promise…

By Donna Wuerch September 30, 2019 0

Do We Represent Well?

I saw this heart-wrenching photo and thought “Thank God! This soldier represents us well.” A foreign ambassador is one who represents her/his country. Their words, their diplomatic demeanor, and their actions are the “good impression” that is needed to ensure comradery and a commitment for peace and well-being between a foreign country and their home…

By Donna Wuerch September 28, 2019 0