Month: April 2020

What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Yesterday, we had another wonderful sing-a-long at the front yard of Tim and LaDonna Gatlin Johnson. Still assembled in our 6-foot rule spacing, we clapped and sang together to some of the best old hymns. Tim, an incredible pianist, gave us a concert in “Liberace” style! Most beautiful were the testimonies of God’s amazing grace.…

By Donna Wuerch April 27, 2020 Off

Our All-Wise Know-It-All has a Purpose

I have loved watching you moms and dads and your children forge through your, what seems to be, perpetual at-home time together. I’ve passed by families going on walks together. I’ve seen FB photos of you having family meals together and, I’ve heard you saying: “I’m going to miss this!” I’ve seen you being home…

By Donna Wuerch April 21, 2020 Off