Month: February 2021

If God Said it – We Can Count on it

When Brennan (my 16-year-old grandson) came over and saw all the boxes and the kitchen counters loaded up with items from those boxes, he asked, “Nana, did you bring our sippy cups?” I laughed and assured him that somewhere in these boxes are those sippy cups. He believed me. He can count on his nana’s…

By Donna Wuerch February 27, 2021 0

Resetting the Mindset

Rarely do I strain for what to blog about each day, but when I am having a brain freeze, I step away from the computer and become intentional to “seeking and finding”. I don’t think seeking and finding will be difficult living in this community. Like yesterday when I intentionally walked down to get my…

By Donna Wuerch February 26, 2021 0