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Mindset Reset

Very early Tuesday morning, I made my way home from Austin to the monthly luncheon of the Republican Women of Greater North Texas. here in Frisco. I was motivated. I regularly attend, but this one especially caused me put the “pedal to the metal”. My daughter, Staci Wallace, was the guest speaker. More than being…

By Donna Wuerch January 14, 2021 0

I’m Nesting — Expecting & Preparing

Expectant mother birds do it. And, human moms-to-be (and some dads) do it too! Preparing their “nests” for their soon-to-arrive baby is nesting. The “nesting” instinct is a burst of energy expectant mamas often get in the last few weeks of pregnancy. They are inspired to clean and organize their home because they know their…

By Donna Wuerch December 7, 2020 0

My Treasures Hunt Treasures

As a child, I never realized that my grandparents weren’t the hands-on-type. But, when we became grandparents, we knew we wanted “up close and personal” relationships with our grands. From the get-go, we set out to be doting, over-the-top-in-love in words and deeds. Before our first grandson was born, I had a hope chest of…

By Donna Wuerch November 19, 2020 0