A Match That Was Literally Made in Heaven

A Match That Was Literally Made in Heaven

February 7, 2020 0 By Donna Wuerch

Happy 23rd Anniversary to my two children – Larry and Staci Wallace! I am so grateful for your choices, your commitments and your devotion to God and each other. Today, my blog is dedicated to honor you and your example of a “match made in heaven”. And you followed through by treating it that way from the git-go to this day, 23 years later.

It’s their story that you should hear straight from their hearts, but my attention-to-the-details is what inspires this blog today. I was speaking to a young couple who were talking about getting married. I retold a short version of Larry and Staci’s story to them which included their vow to celibacy until they married. They refrained from kissing until their wedding day because of a covenant Larry made with God. Staci wrote and recorded a song called “Jesus is the Reason” that was played at the wedding. The song explained the significance of how their friendship grew to love and that love was wrapped in purity and unity. So needless to say, when the moment came at the wedding: “Now you may kiss your Bride”, the congregation cheered with excitement — not to mention the two of them, with no holds barred….locked in for the smoochiest KISS ever!

After their wedding, and for many years following, they were asked to share their purity love story at youth conferences, churches and organizations across the country. Thankfully, their wedding, and the marriage they have to today, has continued to touch young people and old, with the sanctity and beauty of a marriage founded and based on God’s love being the #1 priority in their lives. It has been one of the greatest gifts they could give their children.

Pictured here is the ring that Larry had made for Staci. It was based on Staci’s words to him at the outset of their relationship. She explained the triangle: at the bottom left corner is Larry; at the bottom right corner is Staci. “As long as we continually pursue Christ individually – in Him we will meet at the top.” The ring has a trilliant cut diamond which signifies their on-going commitment to continue to pursue Christ and the horizontal-cut ruby above it that signifies the blood of the lamb in Revelations 12:11 “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony” and is inscribed inside the ring.

I heard a minister say: “I tell you where you step up your game in your marriage is to recall the day when you said and made your vows before our Holy God and to each other. Your marriage will always be blessed as you recall the promises you made to each other before God. Live your life every day before God. That will guarantee your marriage succeeds.” And, that, my friends, is how I know this is a marriage that was made in heaven. They experience heaven on earth together each day. They are proof-positive that lives whose “center” is Christ – are lives that stay centered on each other. Happy Anniversary, my Darlings! You make this Mama so proud!