God Sees in Cinematography

God Sees in Cinematography

February 10, 2020 0 By Donna Wuerch

I remember, as a kid, trying to count the stars – but, oh my, it was overwhelming. I remember my Biology Class gazing into a microscope and was amazed at all the activity going on in a mere drop of pond water. Larry and Staci, my two Frisco kids, just returned from a trip that took them to Carlsbad Caverns where they took the tour and enjoyed the amazing stalactites and stalagmites in abundance. They also loved taking the time to “play in the sand” – literally – at the sand dunes in Yuma, AZ. Neither of those wonders of God’s creation were ever seen by them because they had always flown to California instead of driving. They found out that we truly do live in an amazing, complex world!

The more we discover about this incredible universe, the more insignificant, we, as human beings could feel. But we shouldn’t. As wonder-ful are the wonders of this world that point to God’s handiwork, there is nothing to compare to the wonder of YOU and me. Just think about the complex details that comprise our minds – even more astounding as the grandeur and beauty that is all around us. It shows that as amazing as the world is, as awe inspiring as our discoveries can be, we human beings with all our intricate body make-up, our minds that contain a vast amount of knowledge and our capacity for development is even more amazing.

But here is what is even more magnificent: God, our Genius Creator of this spectacular universe knew all we could become and all we could accomplish long before He created us. The Psalmist in Psalm 8:6 rejoices that God has made us “a little less than the angels” and crowned us with “glory and honor”. And even more incredible is that He also proclaims that God is “mindful” of us (Psalm 8:5). He keeps His eye on us, not because He is looking for us to be sure we don’t fall or fail, but because He takes delight in us. He enjoys seeing all that we can accomplish. Now that’s extraordinary!

It almost sounds too wonderful to think God doesn’t look only at who we are right now; He also sees who we can become. He sees the person He has created us to be: kind, generous, pure, humble, and faithful. And through his Holy Spirit, He has given us the ability to overcome any obstacle we may encounter. May we remember that God sees the cinematography, big screen view – not just the close-up view of us. He sees our hearts when it is so much easier to return aggravation with kindness. He knows our desires to choose the right thing.

As BIG as God is – He crawls inside our hearts to nudge us toward patience instead of anger; to give a response of love instead of hate. He even intercepts the pass when we’re about to fumble and say something really, really stupid. (I’m so thankful for those catches!) God has made us for some really great things. Let’s go after them! Never should we be afraid to reach for them!

“Oh, Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth. Your majesty shines through everything you have made—even me!”