Navigating the Fast Lane

Navigating the Fast Lane

May 2, 2021 0 By Donna Wuerch

I celebrated my two-month anniversary of my move to Austin on April 23rd. I am pleased to report that I’ve been navigating this busy metropolis quite well. The operative word is navigating – me AND my Waze app, my driving best friend. I can avoid traffic jams and road construction if I will listen and obey the British Waze voice when he directs me to side streets and off beaten paths! What a blessing he (Waze) has been to me as long as I listen and obey!

In a hurry to get to my grandson’s baseball game at the height of afternoon traffic, I drove the Express Lane which charges my toll pass, but it seemed worth it! I was flying around the grid-locked traffic until the Express Lane discontinued and I didn’t obey my Waze man and I landed in the downtown rush hour traffic. Oh, me!

Other than that brain-blip, I’m adapting well – actually, better than well. My main points of destination are indelibly imprinted on this “young” mind! I’m integrating myself into the culture and meeting many new people who have migrated here from cities around the country or someone local downsized from their home. My Texas drivers license needed to be updated with my new home address here. I thought I would face having to go and stand in a long line at a DMV. Thankfully, an online change of address was available. Again, cheers for technology!

Thankfully, I had good practice on the Dallas highways and interchanges for driving in the fast lanes here where there are also no slow lanes. Regardless where I drive, I best be in close proximity to my Father’s watchful eyes over me and regularly be in good terms with my angels who keep me protected and safe.

Here’s what I know for sure — our security and deep peace that keeps us in a place of comfort and strength when we’re driving on the back roads, is no different than every day when we’re taking to the fast lanes. Either way, we awaken to the challenges AND possibilities of another day. We never know what this day may bring, so we best welcome God’s companionship as our “back-seat” Driver. Oh, not in the negative way when a passenger in our car gives unwanted driving advice to the driver. I am talking about wanted and needed advice and wisdom He provides to His kids Who welcome His input into their lives.

What roads are you travelling on? The ones less travelled, or the supersonic speed ones where complete focus is a must. Sometimes it feels like it’s always the fast lane with things moving way too quickly, in directions we don’t understand or comprehend. I really don’t think life is going to slow down anytime soon, but because we know that regardless of who is driving the car or how fast it’s going, we’re going to be alright, because Jesus not only cares about us, but He intercedes for us, strengthening us and sending us out into the world with an assignment to complete. It makes living in the fast lane thrilling, exciting and getting us to our destination on time and on purpose with rewards that await us.

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” (Psalm 91:1-2)