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Calgon, Take Me Away

Remember that vintage commercial “Calgon, take me away?” The commercial shows an irritated woman with a newsreel playing in her head of her plight: the traffic piling up, the boss yelling, the baby crying, and the dog barking. She exclaims: “That does it! Calgon, take me away!” The next scene is of her in a…

By Donna Wuerch February 2, 2021 0

Are We Good at “Christianing”?

We, Christian (Christ-like) folks think we’re pretty decent people. You know, we have all those “good” things to our credit: going to church, tithing, giving offerings, wearing a cross necklace, attending a Bible Study, volunteering for a charity. How could anyone think we are anything but wonderful? I think of myself as being a pretty…

By Donna Wuerch October 29, 2020 0

My Grace Needs Help

I’ve heard and sung about God’s amazing grace all my life. Though we make mistakes and have not-nice attitudes and are so weak in our faithfulfulness to Him and His grace, He loves us so deeply anyway. Grace — His unmerited favor — is always helping us in our weaknesses. “But He said to me,…

By Donna Wuerch October 25, 2020 0