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I Could Sure Use a Tune-Up

Ever felt that way? If our car isn’t getting good gas mileage or something just isn’t working properly, we’ll take it in for a tune-up. If a musician’s instrument isn’t tuned correctly, it won’t sound right. If we’re out of tune or “alignment” in our life, we’ll start making uncalled-for blunders, forget appointments and we…

By Donna Wuerch October 6, 2019 0

Convenience or Relationships?

Three days ago, I ordered two items on Amazon Prime. The items arrived two days later. Sometimes, it’s next day. How convenient is that? I didn’t have to leave my house!! My daughters often order their groceries from Instacart (Instacart is a grocery delivery service where personal shoppers pick up and deliver the groceries to…

By Donna Wuerch July 6, 2017 0

Mama’s Got Game!

Have you heard it said about someone “He or She’s got game”? Typically that means – “They are really good at something!” But when someone says that about me, it means “She’s NOT simply a fan watching the game from the sidelines or the stands -– she’s in the game, playing on the field, and…

By Donna Wuerch July 30, 2012 0