This Drink’s on Me

This Drink’s on Me

May 18, 2020 0 By Donna Wuerch

I’m high-step-walking in early morning bliss when out of the blue, this phrase pops in my mind: “This drink’s on me!” I think: “Is that you, God?” I think He’s telling me to drink in the beauty of this morning. My pondering then goes to what is usually meant by “This drink’s on me!” I suspect that we’ve all heard that phrase in the context of an alcoholic drink in a bar. But, this day, my mind goes to Jesus saying “Come drink of THIS water and you’ll never thirst again.”

“This drink’s on me”, used as an offer for an alcoholic drink, often numbs the senses. “This drink’s on ME” – coming from our Lord, enlightens the senses – making feeling, tasting, hearing, speaking and seeing – so much more intense and empowering. He wants us to drink in HIM – and when we do – we become aware of just how big God is.

At our little neighborhood, sing-a-long concert with LaDonna Gatlin and her husband, Tim, this Sunday morning, she starts us off with Job 38’s explanation of just WHO God is. Job was in total despair after having lost his family, his belongings, his health – nothing remained. He was in misery and rather than God addressing Job’s woes…..He reminds Job WHO HE is AND, how big He is. “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Who decreed the boundaries of the seas when they gushed from the depths? Who clothed them with clouds and thick darkness? Have you ever once commanded the morning to appear and caused the dawn to rise in the east? Have you ever told the daylight to spread to the ends of the earth, to end the night’s wickedness? Who can tilt the water jars of heaven, when everything is dust and clods?”

If that doesn’t conjure up the greatness and bigness of our God Who holds us and this world in His hands – I can’t imagine what does. So, today, He reminds us that He is NOT unaware of what’s going on in our lives. He IS God, after all – Who created this world AND us.

I AM hearing the sound of water moving, fountains flowing, the sound of waterfalls. I feel those living waters – especially as I listen to our praises going up in our little sing-a-long that lifts my heart and soul. I can sense “everything’s gonna’ be alright.” I can sense God’s embrace and His holiness pervading me. Of course, our God is big enough to rule His mighty universe, but, He’s oh so small that He lives within our hearts and offering us to drink of Him and we’ll never be thirsty again. (John 4:14) Come enjoy these living waters. God is saying “This drink’s on ME.”