Month: May 2020

Do You See a Mighty Warrior in Your Mirror?

I’m thinking about all of the warriors who have risen to the top during these “beyond normal” days of COVID-19. This has been a survival-of-the-fittest for those who arose to the challenges despite the inconveniences, the lifestyle changes, the stay-at-home orders, the abandonment of public get-togethers, etc. But even before this unparalleled season, we’ve all…

By Donna Wuerch May 19, 2020 0

Enough is Enough

EEver said those words? We’ve prayed for changes to the point of exhaustion, but it seems our prayers are only hitting the ceiling. We feel hopeless and disappointed. The sheer monotony of it all is tiring! Maybe your “enough” is one more day of isolation or home-schooling or face-mask wearing. I noticed that the quarantine…

By Donna Wuerch May 12, 2020 0