Be the Cheerleader in Someone’s Life

April 30, 2018 0 By Donna Wuerch

Cheerleader — an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of a team or person.

My son’s 50th marathon at 50 years old was everything we (his cheering squad AND for Ryan) had hoped and prayed it would be. He succeeded in accomplishing yet another big life goal. We were all decked out in shirts that showed our “Team Ryan” spirit. “2018 50th at 50”, with the back saying “Wuerch 50”. The night before, we were celebrating the big feat he would accomplish. We were all on tap for the 6:30 am start yesterday morning. The atmosphere was electric with the enthusiasm and spirit of all who were supporting the OKC Memorial of the 1995 bombing victims and families. As “Team Ryan”, we watched him take off at the start and then we’d drive to various points throughout the course to meet up with him to cheer him on. At the Finish Line, we had great places to stand and the announcer came up and asked about our runner. Ryan’s boys and two of his friends ran the last mile with him, and the rest of us were invited to run in with him through the Finish Line. The Announcer gave plenty of crowd encouragement to cheer us all on. It was certainly a grand way to celebrate as a family and friends.

On being cheerleaders in someone’s life…..did you know that we can operate in God-given ability to bring heaven to earth and create environments of love, hope, faith, and good CHEER in our world that sure could use some cheerleaders in it? I loved hearing the story about a woman who gets up on a chair in her home to cheer and celebrate her husband. Now, that’s cheering at its best.

It’s our choice to be encouragers, supporters, strengtheners and cheerleaders to people in our lives. Chances are good that you have a cheerleader or two in your corner. There is someone or a group of someones who root for you when you apply to school, start a business, get promoted, win at a sport, perform at an event, or RUN a MARATHON. Those people are valuable to you because they confirm the best thoughts you have about yourself – thoughts that say you’re capable, you’re worthy, you’re up to the challenge, and that you’ll do just fine.

And I’ll bet you are someone’s cheerleader, too. Cheering for our family should be by default. You root hard for your spouse or your siblings or your children and friends. You support them and champion what they want to do.

Who, then, can you cheer for? Who on your team or in your office needs a cheerleader, who may not have the support you have? Maybe it’s time we all get on our BEST cheerleading abilities by cheering for them AND cheering for the un-cheered-for. This is the task of a leader. Literally, the word leader is a part of cheerleader. Who will you root for today and tomorrow?

Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up.”