Casting Vision

April 17, 2016 0 By Donna Wuerch
After two weeks before and two weeks after of helping my son and daughter’s move from Seattle to Texas, I left Austin early yesterday morning, to travel and meet up with my Dallas/Frisco crew at College Station, home of Texas A&M, Larry’s alma mater. There’s something about the pride one has for their college or university, but Texas A&M (The 12th Man) graduates seem to have a pride beyond compare. I felt it as I arrived on campus. I was inspired just walking on those grounds.

But this day was about Lexi. She and Payton, both, aspire to follow in their Dad’s footsteps, and attend A&M. We attended the Open House for those who hope to “make the cut” as veterinary students.
Our first session was at 9 am. Dr. Dan Posey, the Director of Veterinary Student Affairs and Clinical Professor, gave any potential vet student every reason in the world to want to attend A&M’s Vet School. He was humorous and passionate about his career. He explained how he personally benefitted from the field of veterinarian medicine. He said the diabetic pump was first tested on animals, and now because of that breakthrough, he wears a diabetic pump with gratitude for veterinarian research.

When I heard him talk about the qualities of vets, I had to think how these qualities should be in every one of our lives:

1) They have compassion and passion.
2) They are knowledgeable and trainable.
3) They have the ability to apply their skills.
4) They are intellectually curious.
5) They are very observant.
6) They are community leaders.
Don’t those qualities sound like a well-rounded individual who desires to be the best they can be in whatever career they choose.

He told us that his first choice in life was to be a professional basketball player so his Dad took him to a college game. He realized, as he watched that game, he didn’t have the size or the skills he needed to be a professional athlete. It was then that his Dad discussed options for his future. He reminded him about his abilities in math and science and his love for animals. He said, “How about considering becoming a veterinarian? Only as a 7th grader, that day, his Dad helped him cast vision for his future. He attended Texas A&M and became a veterinarian, went on to work with various areas of vet medicine and has been a professor at Texas A&M for many years. He is passionate about his field.
Casting vision. That’s what we did with Lexi today. She’s only 14 years old, but she already has a “bent” toward animals and already possesses many of those “veterinarian” qualities. She saw many exhibits of animals being treated for various issues. She saw a pregnant goat having an ultra-sound. She saw dogs, cats, cattle, horses, birds, snakes, armadillo and had hands-on experiences and heard teaching about their habitats, the foods (toxic and non-toxic) they can or cannot eat, and so much more. She saw vet students who exhibited a love for their studies. Lexi’s mom and dad (and her Nana) care about what she cares about so vision casting is what this day was about. Whether she pursues this field or not….she has cheerleaders who say to her “You can be anything you want to be and do.”

Isn’t that what God helps us to do with our lives? He says in Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” Are we casting vision for ourselves, our children and others for what we hope to accomplish in our homes, our workplaces, our ministries and our relationships? Whose cheerleader can we be? Whose expectations, vision, and hope can we stir up today? The sky is the limit when we realize “With God, nothing is impossible.”
By the way — check out the sign with the Texas Longhorn — of course his “use” is to be “meat” for the Aggies! LOL!