Change of Pace = Change of Perspective

April 16, 2016 0 By Donna Wuerch
I had a change-of-pace from all the unpacking and organizing here with my Austin family yesterday. I was designated as one of the chaperones for my 11-year old grandson’s class field trip to the Hill Country Science Mill in Johnson City, TX, the hometown of President Lyndon Johnson. The kids rode in school buses and the chaperones drove in their cars and met them there. No problem….. so I thought. I listened to my GPS gal and I headed out for the one-hour drive. Who knew my gal would play a trick on me because, instead of the highway route, which I didn’t know about until later, she took me the long scenic route. Of course, this was all new terrain for me. After all, I’m not from around here! I realized that when the two-lane road became narrower, the shoulders disappeared, and my speed had to be reduced to 20 mph because of the intense turns in the road.
I was getting more and more concerned about my time and before long, I sensed God speaking to my heart – “Slow down and enjoy the journey”. That’s when I looked all around and I was enthralled by the most beautiful hill country that I didn’t even realize was in Texas. I passed many wine and olive vineyards , enormous ranches AND some notorious longhorn steers (pictured here). Aww! I AM in Texas. Basking in the beauty of my drive, soon I came upon dastardly vultures that were having a feast on a dead deer, and then before long, I encountered a natural waterfall on the road that I was driving on. Yes, I went through it with trepidation. Soon, I saw workmen on the road and asked if I was on the right road to Johnson City, and he assured me I was and my destination was just ahead.

Once in Johnson City, the buses arrived and we had a day filled with all the hands-on science experiments and explorations that could ever be included in a single day. Once the kids loaded back on the bus, I headed straight to the Lyndon B Johnson Park, seeing the home he grew up in and saw the electric co-op that brought electricity to this area of Texas. Yes, I stopped to smell more roses – er, Texas air!
Of course I was writing today’s post in my head, as I experienced this day. It can be so boring to go through the humdrum fast lane to our destinations. If we slow down and savor the beauty of nature and God’s creation, we just might experience the thrills of the journey along the way. Yes, life isn’t about the destination – it’s about the journey!

When we stop and smell the roses, we’re reminded of God’s blessings. We think about the good things He is doing in our lives, rather than our troubles. Our thankfulness is then reflected in our prayers, as well as every aspect of our life. We “rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks”. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18