Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving?

November 21, 2014 0 By Donna Wuerch

It’s been beginning to look a lot like Christmas for MONTHS now. And, I saw some FB posts where folks were grumbling about Christmas decorations being sold and Christmas music playing since back in August. I get that retail stores, needing their sales, amp it up to get us into the “buying” spirit waaay before the Christmas season

And, I get that most of us want to embrace each season and make it as memorable as we can. We want to savor Fall with the leaves changing colors, candy corn, pumpkin spice coffee, autumn décor, and we want to remember the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving and make this Fall season special..

But, I started thinking — what’s the big deal? And why should it matter when people begin to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. Different strokes for different folks. Bottom line is that we open our hearts, and our homes, to being thankful at Thanksgiving and to the joys, delights, thrills and celebrations of CHRISTMAS – Christ and His coming to this earth. Actually, Thanksgiving AND Christmas are seasons that could be celebrated all year long.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas for several months now. I won’t be decorating to the extreme this year, like I traditionally do, as I’ll be heading to Texas to celebrate and then onto Seattle to celebrate there. I’ve started my Christmas baking. I bought some gifts for my family back in September. And, I’m already very tuned into the miraculous story of Christmas – the real reason for the season. Part of that is because I’ll be speaking at two churches for their “Advent by Candlelight” events, so Advent and Christmas were already on my mind waaay before Thanksgiving and Christmas. And as my heart and mind go there, I’m already allowing myself to get enraptured by the miraculous Christmas story — the UNLIKELY turn of events that altered the course of our present and future. And, as I’m embracing Christmas early, pondering and thinking about all that Christmas means…..when my family come into Tulsa next week for Thanksgiving, we’ll all be in such a mode of thanksgiving, it will make an easy transition for all the joys and beauty of Christmas.

I haven’t complained about the Christmas decorations and music in the stores. It has just caused me to hone into the beautiful journey that will lead to the most HOLY AND MIRACULOUS DAY – and, it would have been alright if I started way back in July! After all, it’s more than a season or a day, it’s about a REASON for unspeakable joy, indescribable love, and amazing sacrifice – that the ONE who placed the stars in the sky and Who knows them ALL by name — chose to come to this earth as a little baby to be with me, understand me, live in this world like me — HE totally gets me and my frailties, but better yet, He is my all powerful, incomparable, awesome and GREAT, amazing God. I’d say that’s plenty reason to be celebrating ALL YEAR ROUND! So the next time you’re tempted to complain about “too early”…..turn that around to being thankful for the reminder to thank God for THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.