For Such a Time As This

August 28, 2018 0 By Donna Wuerch

Queen Esther is one of my heroes of faith. Her example proves my point about being motive-driven. I love her story. She risked death by her boldness as she spoke out for her people Israel. I often quote from her story when I, or my friends, are having to make some really tough life decisions like who we are aligning ourselves with, who we are helping and serving, and making sure we are doing and saying the right things in particular life-altering situations. I want my daily decisions to be royalty-conscious, like Esther: “I may have come to a royal position for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14.

As children of God, in the royal family of God, every day we hold “royal” positions with a royal code of ethics, manners, and principles. We have been set apart. We are not our own. We have been bought with a price. Immersed in His truth, there should be no doubt in our minds that there is a purpose for us and our existence RIGHT NOW!

The story of how God worked in Queen Esther’s life encourages me to move forward in faith. With all the negativity in our world today, it’s easy to pull the cover over our heads, ignore it all, and hope it goes away. We think “That’s not my responsibility to get involved. Leave that to politicians or missionaries or other people who are ‘called’ to do that.” We even close our eyes to our neighbors who need a simple touch or word of encouragement or a gesture that says “I care”. We think “I’ve just got too much to do with my own set of circumstances to get involved in someone else’s circumstances and plight.”

I have been here long enough to have gained some wisdom and insight. Without a doubt, I know that you and I (regardless of our age) are here right now, during these times, for a greater purpose than “our 4 and no more”. What if we are supposed to be part of the solution in turning the tide of a crisis in someone’s life, in our community’s need for change, and in our world’s need for hope? I know this: God’s predesigned master plan for our lives includes us being a conduit of hope and peace to others – to be a solution finder, a peacemaker, a light carrier and burden lifter.

Shouldn’t we be honored that God purposed and planned us to be here RIGHT NOW, for a reason that’s bigger than ourselves? What if His grandiose plan meant that right HERE & NOW, “For such a time as this” is exactly when He divinely planned for us to be Lights in the darkness, to be the “chosen ones” to positively impact and make a difference in this world that needs LIFE & LIGHT so desperately?