God is Always Reminding Me That He’s Got the Wheel 🚗

July 31, 2018 0 By Donna Wuerch

God is Always Reminding Me That He’s Got the Wheel 🚗
On Sunday, I made my trek back home to Frisco from Austin. I thought it would be smooth sailing all the way since the traffic would be less on a weekend. I was making good time when passing through Temple, then the traffic came to a snail’s pace as we inched along for miles because of more road construction. That construction has been going on for months, but this day it seemed worse than ever. Occasionally, we were dead stopped. I must look like a race car driver (an impatient one, at that), as I change lanes often to hopefully gain at least a car’s length ahead of the next guy. That delay put me back over 30 minutes on my usual 4-hour trip. After getting back on pace for about 45 minutes to Waco, dear me, there was more stalled traffic backed-up for miles because of an automobile accident up ahead.

An hour later than expected, I made it to my home-sweet-home. As I was unpacking my car, weariness set in. Then, it occurred to me that I had only had four hours of sleep the night before. AND, I never felt any drowsiness or fatigue during that five-hour drive. I know it was the intenseness of navigating through the traffic for that hour that kept me alert and wide awake. I never thought for a minute about that lack of sleep the night before.

Thank you, God, for reminding me, once again, that You’ve Got the wheel – not just of my car, but of my life. I know that God has a plan and if we would just settle in and enjoy the ride, we’ll get to where we need to be in His perfect timing. What if we started analyzing those seemingly annoying times, as being little messages from God that He is working out some things for our good? You know the traffic, the flat tire, misplacing our car keys, left our phone at home and had to turn around, or our child forgot his baseball glove and we had to return home to get it.

How well I remember the stories of people who were delayed going to work at the Twin Towers on the 9/11 bombing that saved their lives and the ones who missed their flight and their life was saved from the airplane crash later.

Maybe today you are experiencing some delays – like a house closing or a medical report or that check-in-the-mail. What if we take a deep breath, turn the wheel over to God and TRUST that “ALL THINGS (literally, ALL THINGS – the good, the bad and the ugly things, including the traffic), are being used by God for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.” (Romans 8:28). God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect.