God’s Three Answers to Your Prayers

April 24, 2016 0 By Donna Wuerch
Years ago, I fell down a flight of stairs — 12 steps from top to bottom…..on MY bottom. I felt like a compressed-together accordion. I had a serious back injury and lived in pain, even after many chiropractic and medical treatments.

For years we prayed for my healing. We moved to Shawnee, OK, where we had weekly leadership meetings in our home, and they joined our prayers. One night, a young couple, who were our church’s new youth pastors, expressed their need for a bed. Inconspicuously, my husband whispered in my ear that he felt impressed to give them our bed. I learned many times over, that my husband and God, frequently had these little “chats”, so no way could I offer an objection. The young couple was thrilled. But, now WE needed a bed.

The new craze, at that time, was waterbeds (pictured here), and our 13-year old son had one that he loved. My husband asked if he would let us sleep on the waterbed for a few nights to see if that’s what we wanted to buy for ourselves. We heard that at least two weeks were needed to get used to it. In that two weeks period, I experienced a miracle. The back pain that I suffered from for years, was completely gone. It was so impressive, that we purchased a waterbed for ourselves, and enjoyed it for years.

So, was it the waterbed that provided my healing OR was it the obedience to God’s nudge to give to someone in need? I think it’s the same response from the blind man that was healed by Jesus: “One thing I know–that I was once blind and that now I can see.” (John 9:25) And my response is, “Once I had severe back pain, but now I have none.”

Yes, God answers prayers, and sometimes He says: “1) Yes; 2) Not yet; 3) I have something better in mind.” I think my answer was #3 — He had something better in mind, so much so, that I’m continuing to tell others that God answers prayer. The point is we shouldn’t limit God for NOTHING is impossible with Him. If not a “Yes”, right now…..hang on….He probably has something so much better in mind! And in the meantime, LISTEN and WATCH, He just may have an unconventional way of bringing about your answer, like He did for me.