Happy Birthday to My 50 Years Young Son!

July 24, 2017 Off By Donna Wuerch

Whew! How can it be? I still so fondly remember your Dad and I dreaming of having a baby boy, and then God gave us YOU! We were so young and in love and hardly knew how to take care of ourselves – never mind, a baby, but with God’s help, and our highly experienced parents’ help, we made it…..and so did you.

Your beginnings of conquering and winning have continued to empower you for all these 50 years. The first 50 brought you to today — and you’ve accomplished so much and had so much success — which means you have more wisdom and knowledge in the next 50! Four beautiful boys, a precious daughter, and your loving and devoted wife — all of whom have been such treasures to me.

I pray that this birthday marks, and starts, the greatest and most blessed years ever. This next fifty will provide more wisdom, more creativity, more celebrations and more memories than ever before.

This next fifty will bring you more daughters, and precious grandchildren. You will rock out being a grandfather because you’ve learned your lessons well — not to mention that your Dad and I gave you plenty of “great grand-parenting role modeling”!

My son, I love you beyond adequate words to describe. I believe in you. We entrusted you to God’s mighty hands when you were two weeks old (pictured here) as we dedicated you to Him for to raise you up in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man. On this 50th birthday, once again, I’m entrusting you to God’s mighty hands as your life continues to be dedicated to Him for His honor and glory. Your best days are ahead. Your best memories will be made and your best life lived begins today. I celebrate you and thank God that He gave me YOU! I am so proud to be your Mom!

Happy Birthday, my precious son! I love you with all my heart!