He Arose! It’s Resurrection Sunday — Easter!

April 5, 2015 0 By Donna Wuerch

Day 94 of Photo Inspirations – HE AROSE!  It’s Resurrection Sunday – Easter!  
Think about it – it seemed all hope was gone.  Jesus was dead. He was laid to rest. His body was anointed and wrapped in clean linens, then was laid in a tomb. The stone was rolled over the entrance and it surely seemed to be the end.  But a lot can happen in three days!

Up to this point, death was final. But while those He lived with, laughed with, and cried with, were in their deepest sorrow – the GREATEST of all MIRACLES was taking place. Jesus was conquering death, hell and the grave, and this tomb they thought held Him, became empty.   And that crown of thorns he wore became the crown of royalty He deserved.  I love this.  Dumb devil!  He thought he had won. And, from that point to today…..we continue to give that dumb devil the reminder that “We know the rest of the story, and the end of the BOOK, and WE WIN!”

True HOPE was made official by the resurrection.  It wasn’t just some hocus-pocus magic trick or exercise in wishful thinking.   If it were, then the whole thing would have fizzled out, but here we are 2,000+ years later celebrating that incredible day of all days.  The resurrection of Christ is so big that it’s the answer to everything!!!   I can vouch for it – THAT day and the ONE whose grave could not hold Him, is MY EVERYTHING. I just can’t hold it in – I’m overjoyed about this day because it represents my hope, my joy, my peace, my comfort, my freedom, my liberty, my great expectation for this day and my tomorrows. His resurrection represents my resurrection.

He Who created LIGHT is our LIGHT that ever shines so brightly.   It’s not just about another sunrise.  It’s about the rising of the LIGHT of all LIGHTS, and that LIGHT brings with Him mercies and hope and love EVERY morning – not just Easter morning!

Is there a “tomb” in your life that holds broken dreams, dead relationships, hopeless situations?  Perhaps it’s time to allow Him who is the answer to EVERYTHING, to roll your stone away……and make ALL THINGS new!

So how BIG is Easter? Oh, it’s only the answer to EVERYTHING!

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