I’ll Admit It. I’m a Jesus Freak!

August 21, 2018 0 By Donna Wuerch

While in the waiting room of my doctor’s office, I noticed these first three photos of wall-hangings and plaques AND Christian music was playing in the background. What a comfort it was to know he is a man of faith. Then, on Saturday, I went for a haircut and I noticed, right away, these next wall hangings that surely indicated this gal’s faith. I said, kiddingly to her: “You are definitely a Jesus freak!” She admitted she is, and so am I.

The term “Jesus freak” was originally used to demean or insult Christians involved with the Jesus Movement in the 1960s and 1970s. It was primarily directed towards those who were especially aggressive in their evangelistic efforts. The core meaning of Jesus freak was a person who is so dedicated to following Jesus that it seemed there was nothing else the person could talk about. A Jesus freak is basically a person who is obsessed with Jesus.

Yep. That was my husband and me back in those days, and that is still me today. My hair stylist told me that people will come into her shop and right away, they’ll start their conversations with her by saying “I love your wall hangings. You are definitely a Christian aren’t you?” And she said other people will come in and they’ll notice the hangings and not speak of them or they don’t even notice them at all. I’m proud of her. What a great way to say “I believe”.

Sometimes it’s NOT a piece of cake to start talking about our love for God. We want to share about that love and oftentimes it feels awkward or pushy and even, Jesus freakish, but just because we possess more enthusiasm, passion, and excitement about a certain thing, in this case, a certain SOMEONE named “Jesus” doesn’t automatically make us “freaks” does it? Why is loving someone so unconditionally as we do our Savior has to be something society is threatened by? We’re simply passionate about someone. It would be like calling an aspiring actress an acting freak. Or someone who really loves the products they sell a “selling freak”? It’s simply our overwhelming love for THE ONE Who gave His only Son to us that we would have life now and forever. We are often embarrassed to talk about the One who lives in us and who has given us so much. I am a “Jesus freak” because I can’t help myself. There aren’t many conversations that I have with anyone that God’s name isn’t mentioned. If you knew where I came from and what I’ve been through, you’d know the reason why I love Him so.

Not long ago, the kindest man who was formerly the mastermind behind the City of Frisco’s Water Wise program and who is now retired but does sprinkler system repairs, repaired mine. He was diligent, efficient and low-priced so I just had to tell others in my community about him on our NextDoor app. He got lots of new business from my recommendation. Why would I not share something good so others can be blessed? If I knew the cure for cancer, why would I withhold it from others?

That’s how I feel about God. I sing because I’m happy. I’ve been blessed way more than I deserve. I live in peace because He walks and talks with me each day. He comforts me when I’m sad. He nudges me when He wants me to be better and do better. He is my best friend and confidante. He lives in my heart and is my ever-present help in trouble. How could I NOT share Him with others? I have scriptures, crosses, plaques and statutes and all kinds of symbols in my home. You would know who I hold in greatest esteem and honor. I wear a cross necklace. I listen to Christian music. I pray in restaurants, and if I’m with people who I don’t know if they know Him, I still ask if I can pray over our meal. I’m not ashamed. Yep. I’m a Jesus freak!

St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the Gospel at all times……and sometimes use words.” Maybe it’s time we all should strive to make God famous through our example and our love for Him that cannot be suppressed…..because we just can’t help ourselves. We’re just so in love and we know He is the cure for loneliness, depression, sadness, fear, worry, and anxiety….we can’t hide it!