It’s Just a Photo…..Or Is It?

November 27, 2015 0 By Donna Wuerch

Day 331 of Photo Inspirations — It’s JUST a Photo….Or is it?
#TBT — Throwback Thursday and Throwback Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m not sure it’s that my childhood memories are so vague, or that this season of the year holds SO MANY memories with my children and grandchildren, or that there are so many precious times in this season that I’m in right now, but I can’t resist seizing moments and making memories.

For as long as I can remember, getting my annual family photo has been a MUST, much to the chagrin of my children and grandchildren.  This maximum 30 minutes of this on-task photo shoot for Nana, has not come without the usual chaotic moments of determining what to wear, when we can make our schedules work, and strategically finding THAT PERFECT spot where the photos should be taken, and then just getting everyone to give a decent smile.  Me:  “If you would just give me a sweet smile, this would be over.  Please stop making faces.  Please look at the camera.  Please stop talking.  Please stand up straight!”  I know, you know the drill.

I laughed last week, when I saw sweet Jennifer Gooden’s post about their recent family photo shoot adventure (with 4 children under the age of 5). What memories it brought back to me.  With all she went through, her final analysis was  “The truth is, family photos (especially what we are wearing in them) are not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. But they are something I treasure.

Something I love to see all around my home. God knows my heart. He knows how much I love beautiful photos of my children growing each year. He knew months before our photo shoot that I would need His help. And with His help, we had a great time together!  So I am sure as you look at our photos this year, you see our family laughing, smiling, dressed nicely, and our sweet Natalie all dressed up. Well now you know the truth. The baby was almost photographed in a stained onesie and cream colored tights. But then God stepped in……”   (Thank you, Jennifer, for the reality check — what’s really behind those picture-perfect photos!)

And this first photo inspiration taken in 2007 at Ryan & Shawntel’s home in Raleigh, NC was not without similar moments of chaos.  And, neither were the ones taken yesterday.  It was misting outside.  We were losing daylight.  Trying to hustle the kids in to get ready. Part of the family didn’t even arrive in town until the last minute. And, the location?  Settled on just a photo in front of my home — no fanfare.  Just click the photo, sweet Denise Gerrich, who always comes through as my photographer.  But I assure you, like Jennifer said, “In the grand scheme of things, family photos are certainly not what matters most” — but, speaking from my heart, this Mama/Nana, it certainly comes in at a close 2nd — especially once those babies are out on their own…..and the remembering is some of your sweetest joys!”

The family that captures memories together……STAYS TOGETHER….in love, in support, in encouragement, and in MEMORIES!   Missing having my oldest grandson and his little fiance in the pics this year — but, no problem, just expect many, many wedding photos with them next year!  Now, go make some memories on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day!