Let’s Get STARTED!

September 28, 2016 0 By Donna Wuerch

Yes, I still love some reality show and watching real people achieve real success because of their God-given abilities, survival skills, ingenuity, creativity and good old hard work. One of those shows is “America’s Got Talent”. Most impressive this year were the extraordinary young people who competed. They were just normal kids, but they took what they had to a level of remarkable abiities. One of my favorite acts was the magic show provided by a 10-year old boy and his younger sister who performed in ways that boggled the judges and viewers. A 14-year old contortionist had perfected her inate abilities to a performance beyond description. There was a 13-year old stand-up comedian who bowled the crowd over with her hilarious comedy routines. Amongst the many talented adult and young performers, the one who won it it all was a pint-size, 12-year old singer, songwriter and ukulele player, Grace VanderWaal, who stunned judges and viewers alike, singing in a style of her own. She won $1 million and the opportunity to perform in a Las Vegas Show, which, by the way, is already sold out. Can you even imagine? That young girl beat out the likes of years of experienced talents.

Each one of those kids and adults started somewhere. Maybe the kids who were magicians watched their dad, who is a magician, perfect his routines. They caught the desire to do the same. The comedian girl started her routines when her dad was suffering from cancer, and she wanted to make him laugh. The contortionist was self-taught in perfecting her abilities — she started and didn’t stop until she was an incredible talent on the show. Grace was just 4 years old when she started singing. She saw a friend play the ukulele. With her own saved money, she bought herself a ukulele.

All those kids AND adults STARTED……and didn’t stop. The most significant decision they made was to START. What is it that we would really like to achieve? Maybe be an accomplished musician? START by taking lessons. An artist? START by buying paints and a canvas. A writer? START by blogging. A doctor? START by going to school. A great cook? To be a great cook….one has to START cooking. Denise Gerrich, my daughter’s friend, “sister”, assistant, household everything — didn’t cook at all in the beginning of her 22 years with the Wallace Family. But she STARTED….trying new recipes, experimented, practiced, trained, and is now a Master Chef in her own right. My goodness, yesterday, I enjoyed one of her incredible gourmet meals — Red Thai Curry Chicken. So yummy! She STARTED.

The point in my today’s post is to encourage us all to move from Point A to Point B. Point A being the place of “want to” or “I wish I could” to Point B….GET STARTED. That’s what I did today here in Frisco, TX. I STARTED my quest to find a home here. I had written out my vision, made plans for when, pondered the location (between Tulsa where my mother-in-law, other family and friends are and Austin where my son and family lives), decided on Frisco Lakes — a 55+ community like my Tulsa community. Lots of thinking and pondering and looking at properties on the internet. I’ve been in Point A for quite some time — but there comes the time to leave Point A and GET STARTED in Point B!!

What are you thinking about accomplishing today? Something as simple as cleaning the house? Get STARTED. It all starts with one step, one pushing the button, one getting up and moving. Let’s GET STARTED! On your mark, get set…..GO!