Out With Fall, In With Christmas

November 29, 2015 0 By Donna Wuerch

Day 333 of Photo Inspiration — Out With Fall, In With CHRISTMAS!!
My sweet kids left for home on Friday, but not before my wonderful son, Larry, completed a page-long “Honey Do” list for me.  And, my precious “adopted” girl, Denise Gerrich​ helped me take down my Fall decor’, move it up to the attic, and bring down the Christmas.  And if that wasn’t enough, she helped me decorate with outdoor lights, trees, and wreaths, as well as my in-home decor’.  There is no question — I am blessed beyond what I deserve, which is why Thanksgiving and Gratitude top my “Good Attitude” List.  Little photos of Papa reading the Christmas story to the grandkids are all around my house — sweet reminders of Christmases past.  And, lots of decor’ that go way back too.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas for several months now. I didn’t decorate to the extreme, like I once did, when the family came to our house for Christmas.  There was a Christmas tree in every bedroom, the house was decked out with lights and enough decor’ to open up a Christmas store.  In fact, Christmas decor’ took up half of our attic space.

It was our favorite time of the year.  But, again, seasons change in our lives.   I’ll be heading to Texas to celebrate with my Wallace crew, and then onto Seattle to celebrate with the Wuerch crew — in just a couple of weeks.  I was feeling the peer pressure in my neighborhood when others began putting up their Christmas lights a couple of weeks ago.  But, my humble little displays still shout — loud and clear…… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Today, starts the magnificent season of Advent.  When I was preparing for the talks I’ll be giving this week, and the neighbors were putting up their lights, MY Advent season had already begun.  I’m already  enraptured by the miraculous Christmas story — the UNLIKELY turn of events that altered the course of our past, present and future.  What an easy transition — to go from Thanksgiving to all the joys and beauties of Christmas.

Though the stores were playing Christmas music a couple of weeks ago, and were selling their Christmas wares….months ago,  it only caused me to hone into the beautiful journey that will lead to the most HOLY AND MIRACULOUS DAY – and, it would have been alright if I started way back in July!

After all, it’s more than a season or a day, it’s about a REASON for unspeakable joy, indescribable love, and amazing sacrifice – that the ONE who placed the stars in the sky and Who knows them ALL by name — chose to come to this earth as a little baby to be with me, understand me, live in this world like me.  HE totally gets me and my frailties, but better yet, He is my all powerful, incomparable, awesome and GREAT, amazing God. I’d say that’s plenty reason to be celebrating ALL YEAR ROUND!   Thank you, all you early Christmas decorators, for the reminder to embrace this season ALL YEAR LONG!  Happy Advent and Merry Christmas!