Spring in our Steps on this May 1st

Spring in our Steps on this May 1st

May 1, 2021 0 By Donna Wuerch

This is the month that finally conquers winter, and we notice the Spring flowers in bloom, the birds singing, and more and more people out walking, enjoying the freshness of Spring in the air. Meandering memories flow for me on this May 1st. Check out my little rose bush with its first rose blossoming. Most know the story of my husband and me always having a yellow rose bush in our yards in memory of the yellow roses at our wedding and the vows that stuck with us through thick and thin! My meager attempt of this little rose bush on my patio will help me carry-on that endearing tradition.

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo — which is the day we gringos use the excuse for indulging in more yummy Mexican food. And May is Mother’s Day month – so to all you mothers out there, I’m already celebrating and honoring you with all the beautiful and selfless women that “mother” those around them with God’s love and wisdom. And, like we recognize the blessings to us of our mothers and like-mothers to us this month on Mother’s Day, I love that the month of May brings special recognition to our Lord’s Mother, Mary. We express gratitude for her “yes”, her sacrifice, the fruit of her womb, Jesus, as well as her continual intercessions for us. “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb!” (Luke 1:42)

I muse on with May memories. I remember May meant school days were coming to a close and summer vacation would soon begin. May also means graduations. Unlike last year’s missed traditional graduations during Covid, I pray for many celebrations of hard work, determination and conquering for 2021’s May graduates. Congratulations to you, your children, grandchildren, and friends!

In my own miniscule, celebratory way, you can see I’ve changed my apartment’s little shelf vignette to celebrate May and all its glory. You see the little cross there? The flowers, the birds, the graduations, and celebrations are brought to us because of the price our Lord paid on an old, rugged cross. I started this blog with “Spring in our steps”. We have reason to walk with a bounce in our steps that implies that we’re in a good mood because we’re grateful for life and because we rebounded from a terrible situation and something good has just happened to us. Think of a coiled piece of metal that pushes back when it’s pressed upon, like the springs in our mattress or the springs on a trampoline. Ever been weighted down with a heavy situation, and suddenly good news came, and you felt light as a feather? Suddenly, you had “Spring in your steps!”

Like the women at the empty tomb who ran (and I’m certain they had “Spring in their steps”) to tell the others, when we realize how blessed we are, we’ll have that merry heart, a smile on our face, eyes shining bright with “Spring in our steps”, too. We’ll be bringing a breath of fresh air to those we encounter. Like the birds that are singing in the sunshine and rain, we should be singing songs of praise and thanksgiving with a “Spring in our Step” everyday! After all, we know the CREATOR of Springtime. He is our Maker and He made us with “built-in” springs that can cause us to always rebound with God’s peace, joy, and love every day!

A happy and blessed month of May to you and yours!💐