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The Resurrection Changes Everything

It’s the day after Easter and the retail stores are offering 50% or more off their leftover plastic eggs, chocolate and stuffed bunnies. Many people are already boxing up their Easter season décor. Isn’t this what we do routinely with most holiday celebrations? When the date has passed, we move on. But, I’d like to…

By Donna Wuerch April 22, 2019 0

God’s Not Dead — He’s ALIVE!

The tomb is empty! The tomb wasn’t for the dead after all. It was a Delivery Room for our LIVING Savior! This day is April 1st aka April Fool’s Day! SURPRISE, Satan! God’s NOT dead – He’s fully ALIVE!!! The Apostle Peter said in Acts 2:24 “God raised Jesus up, loosing the PANGS of death,…

By Donna Wuerch April 1, 2018 0