There’s No Age Limit for Love and Romance

August 12, 2018 0 By Donna Wuerch

They say love strikes when you least expect it. And yesterday it was proven 100% to be true. Nancy, my “single-for-17-years” dear friend lived just across the pond from me. We were among the first who moved into our brand new Hyde Park community in Tulsa in 2012. And, Bill and his wife, moved into the community a couple of years later. Bill’s wife of 57 years passed away last year and a few months later, he and Nancy started dating. The two of them have so much in common. He was formerly a Baptist pastor with a Ph.D. in Greek New Testament, and U.S. Air Force Chaplain for 30 years and Nancy has been a Bible teacher, piano player/teacher and choir member at her Tulsa’s First Presbyterian Church. Sincerely, it was a match made in heaven. There’s a real plus to a marriage at this season of their lives (both are 77). Unlike their first marriages, both of them have the big life questions figured out: kids, jobs, and finances. When Nancy announced to her son “We’re getting married!” he said, “Mom, aren’t you rushing things a little bit?” Her reply was “Son, time is not on our side!”

I get it. Falling in love at any age is a wonderful experience, but I understand there are many bonus benefits when you’re older. It can bring companionship, encourage you to stay physically active (both Nancy and Bill are golfers, pickleball players and they love to travel). When I was visiting with Nancy after she and Bill had just become engaged, I said “Nancy, are you sure you’re ready to give up the TV remote to him, cook for him, wash his clothes, give up all the singles activities, and give up choosing your own schedule for everything?” She replied, “100%, yes!” I said, “Yes, my friend, you’re in love!”

How blessed I was to watch them “seal the deal” yesterday in a most beautiful wedding ceremony in the First Presbyterian Church chapel in which many of our Hyde Park community were there to witness this joyful time of joining this amazing couple together. We like to think that our Hyde Park community deserves a lot of credit for this union, but Pastor Jim Miller said “It is so much more than that. It is God’s providence, grace, love and His way of surprising His beloved children.“ The pastor had met with the couple before marrying them and so he spoke of Bill’s words about their upcoming nuptials. “It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to raise a senior citizen. My village helped me survive the loss of my wife of 57 years. My village made it possible to love again and embrace this wonderful, unimaginable, beautiful, precious…my Nancy. My village has names: my sons and their wives, my brothers and their wives, my grandchildren. Nancy brings so much more than I do. Her strong faith, her transparency, and openness touch me and others.” Pastor Miller went on and shared Nancy’s words that revolved around “chapters”. “I never thought I’d be married again. I am so blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have this incredible new chapter added to my life. I know these words explain it: Matthew 6:33 “Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and ALL THESE THINGS will be added to you.”

Pastor Miller went on “We need to be around people like Nancy and Bill. They’ll speak to how God intersects our lives.” About that time a sharp, loud crack of lightning & thunder sounded outside. Pastor Miller retorted: “That is the way life goes — like a bolt of lightning cracking in our lives and we wonder, does God really care? What gives your life centering at times like that? The answer is the One who carried the cross. (He pointed to the cross behind him.) That “centering” makes the difference in the chapters of the story that Nancy spoke about. There is a crimson thread of God’s grace and mercy in this love story.”

I loved it when Pastor Miller held up Nancy’s ring and called it “a promise ring”. Promises are made to keep. Maybe you’re reading this blog today and thinking “Geeez….I’ve been waiting for MY true love a long time and it seems he/she will never come. I think Nancy and Bill’s “surprise” was no surprise at all to God. It was the answer to their prayers because as Matthew 6:33 says…..”Seek God and His righteousness with all your hearts….(They did!) AND all these things will be added to you (And, those things were added to a couple that certainly proved those words). Maybe God is getting ready to surprise you, too!