What Does Your List Look Like?

July 30, 2017 0 By Donna Wuerch

No doubt, my list is very different from yours.
For my Frisco grandson and granddaughter, their list probably includes:
~ Pack for Guatemala missions trip (they leave Monday for 7 days with 55 other students);
~ Buy items needed for the trip;
~ Get household chores completed;
~ Get some extra zzz’s before leaving, because they’ll need it!

For young moms, your list may look like this:
~ Buy kids’ clothes for the new school year;
~ Buy school supplies;
~ Get kids’ medical and dental appointments made;
~ Do the laundry, make dinner, take kids to swimming lessons, and on and on.

For married couples, your list may look like this:
~ Plan date night for this weekend;
~ Buy anniversary gift;
~ Help each other with household chores;
~ Set aside time to discuss goals for our future.

For business people, your list may look like this:
~ Finish the business plan
~ Set up a staff meeting
~ Pack for business trip

For seniors and retirees, your list may be a “bucket” list. I just completed one of my bucket list items — go to Holy Lands. Check. We all have lists of some kind – from grocery lists to goals and objectives lists.

While away last week on a family vacation, I had no lists at all – except to show up for family fun, meals and activities. But now that I’m back home and settled into my routine again, I’ve started some daily lists. In reality, I still need to make lists because if I don’t – then I’m wondering “What was that that I needed at the store? Or “When was that appointment?” I keep a little note pad with me most all the time to ensure I make a note of things I need to get or do. Lord knows that I’ve made the mistake of NOT writing it down and wished I had. LOL!

Maybe it’s this season where I don’t have the usual daily activities that I once had with raising my children and being a wife to a very busy man and working at an outside-the-home job, but I sure do remember the need for lists. Now I have new lists – beyond the tangible things I need to do and accomplish, and some things that will outlast me.

While flying back home from Mexico, a lovely lady and I conversed about our children and grandchildren, as well as other “loves” we have in our lives. She inspired me so much with one of her daily “to-do’s”, that I’ve added it to my daily to-do list. Every morning, she calls her three children just to visit with them for a few moments. She said she never misses a day. In fact, if she doesn’t call by 10 am, she gets a call from them to see if she’s okay. Usually it’s because she’s gotten so busy with something. I took that little inspiration personally. While I know my children lead very busy lives and have so many responsibilities, I know they will always welcome a call from Mom just to say “Good Morning. I love you so much!” Yes, I should have started this long before now, but I don’t want any “would-a, should-a, could-a” actions to be a part of my vocabulary, so I’ve started my daily calls. And, since my kids are out of pocket or out of town (like Ryan and Shawntel still being in Mexico), I’m then leaving a text message for them.

Oftentimes, lists can overwhelm us with so much to do and with so little time to do it all. But here’s what I’ve come to know and do. Nothing is more important than right now, and right now with those we love and hold dearest to us. Nothing is more important than picking up the phone to call a friend to give a quick word of encouragement, or even to send a quick text message of encouragement. Nothing is more important than reaching out and hugging a little one when they pass by. Nothing is more important than saying “I love you” to those in our sphere of influence. Lists are extremely important, but “in the moment” moments, are what makes for an end-of-the-day deep sigh of “I finished this day strong and finished those things that money can’t buy. I was a lover and a lover doesn’t need a list to love. I loved.” Check.