What is Your Foundation Built Upon?

July 23, 2018 0 By Donna Wuerch

Is Your Home Built on Firm Foundation?
I heard a riveting sermon yesterday about foundations – of buildings, homes, AND people. When prevailing winds and storms come (and they will), what is it that keeps structures firmly standing? What is it that gives the strength, will, and determination to outlast the storms of life?

Remember the story Jesus Christ told about two builders in Matthew 7:24-27? One builder made the decision to go the easy, less time-consuming way and simply build his house on sand, while the other wiser builder, made the better decision to build his home on rock foundation. The rock was probably difficult to chip into and level off a footing for the house. It probably took a long time to attach the structure to the bedrock. A rocky terrain would take time, patience and hard work. But that wise man seemed to have considered such factors and to have believed it would be worth the effort.

Built into the rock, his house could endure the inevitable storms that would come. The other careless builder may have had too much to do or was in a hurry to have a house and get on with “more important” matters. But what could be more important than a FIRM foundation?

Yesterday, in that sermon, parents and teachers were encouraged to ensure that their children were having strong foundations built in their lives. It is in their early years, that their core values, their faith AND their faithfulness values are being built that will guarantee strong, weather-proof houses in their future.

My personal “ROCK-solid” foundation came as a result of having parents that loved and served God with all their hearts and modeled that love to me daily. Sure it took methodical training and teaching and living the example before me.

My husband built several homes. It seemed the foundation part of building those homes took forever. But, he was ensuring that those homes were being built on firm foundation — so much so that he reinforced those walls with steel and poured concrete into the footings. That’s what my parents were doing when they took me to church to reinforce everything they were teaching me at home. I learned and memorized scriptures that supported my faith and God’s love for me.

Yesterday, at church, we sang this song over and over, and the more we sang it, the more it felt like a “foundation” anthem and the more inspired I was with this post for today: “I will build my life upon Your love; it is a firm foundation; I will put my trust in You alone, and I will not be shaken”.

I remember Robert Schuller’s book entitled “Tough times don’t last – but tough people do!” I’ve known some tough people that weathered some of the greatest storms of life and they did so because of their Anchor, their Rock, their Fortress Who was their FIRM foundation. Maybe you’re feeling a little shaky today — in your faith and in your emotions that are getting the best of you, and in truly believing that you will survive the storms that surround you. The first part of Jesus’ parable about the builders goes like this: “Therefore, whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock……” Begin to reinforce and build that firm foundation of Jesus Christ. He is that ROCK-solid foundation that will give you the stability your heart and life needs now and in the future. Trust in Him and His ability to carry you through the toughest of storms and that in doing so, you will never be shaken but will stand….and stand strong!