Oh, Well!

September 21, 2018 0 By Donna Wuerch

I sent a lengthy email to a friend, bearing my filled-with-concerns soul, but being the optimist soul that I am, I was pleased to add my resolutions to the concerns also. In reply, my friend said, “You are way too concerned about little things. Stop overthinking!” I needed that bold admonition.

Truth and wise counsel was well taken, especially when I picked up my “Jesus Calling” daily devotional book for yesterday and also heard God’s voice telling me the same thing: “Try to see things more and more from My perspective. Let the Light of My Presence so fully fill your mind that you view the world through Me. When little things don’t go as you had hoped, look to Me lightheartedly and say, “Oh, well.” This simple discipline can protect you from being burdened with an accumulation of petty cares and frustrations. If you practice this diligently, you will make a life-changing discovery: You realize that most of the things that worry you are not important. If you shrug them off immediately and return your focus to Me, you will walk through your days with lighter steps and a joyful heart.”

“Oh, well.” What wise words for those of us who take life way too seriously. We get all tied up and knotted up about such trivial matters. Oh, well! We find ourselves questioning ourselves about whether or not we said the right thing or not. Oh, well! “I completely blew it when I forgot that appointment! Oh, well!” “The cinnamon rolls I made for the church bake sale didn’t rise! Oh, well!” “No one complimented my new haircut. Oh, well!” “I overcooked the meat loaf! Oh, well!” I had to send my child to school in a wrinkled shirt! Oh, well!

Maybe, today, you’re worried and concerned about many things, too. Jesus said those words to Martha in Luke 10:41. I think He was probably wanting her to say “Oh, well! I’ll just sit right down here at your feet, leave the meal and the dishes, and let you be my worry-and-concern-bearer.” That’s what I’m doing! Oh well!